Photography by Jordan Gooden


Art Has No Rules. 


“When I paint nothing matters and this nothingness is everything.”


Kellie Hampton is a self-taught artist inspired by the abstract expressionists and action painters who emphasized the physical act and spontaneity of painting. Her medium is acrylic on canvas and rarely using a paint brush, Kellie's textural, bold, unique style captures emotion on canvas.


With clients in Germany, Finland, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria and Dallas and showing in venues in Calgary, Toronto, Canmore and Kelowna, Kellie is proving herself to be an up and coming artist in demand.


She will be featured in Calgary's premier city lifestyle magazine, Avenue, for the second time in October 2016, she has been on the cover of Prema Sai Living magazine and has showcased her live painting at the Glenbow Museum's Ignite Summer Patio Party.


Artist's Agent Contact Info:

Jenn Aguilar / 403.668.4715

Artist's Contact Info:

Kellie Hampton / 403.809.3155